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Town Health Officer Job Description

Town of Glover
Job Description

Title: Town Health Officer
Job Description: Adopted 8/8/2019
Supervised by: Health Department

Reporting Relationship: Selectboard

Position Purpose: Town Health Officers (THO) are given authority by Vermont Law to investigate and mitigate any potential or existing public health hazard in their town. Each town has a local board of health made up of the town’s Selectboard and the THO. The THO investigates all complaints and has extensive authority to take emergency mitigation steps and may enforce any state health regulations as well as local town ordinances.

Essential Functions and Duties:
o Investigate when information is received about a condition that may be a public health hazard;
o Enforce the provisions of Title 18 and the rules and permits issued by the Health Department;
o Preventing, removing or destroying any public health hazard or mitigating any significant public health risk in accordance with provisions of Title 18;
o Take necessary steps, in consultation with the Vermont Department of Health, to enforce all orders issued pursuant to 18 V.S.A. Ch. 3.

Compensation: The Town Health Officer will be compensated at $15.00 per hour, including travel and training.

Skills/Abilities: An understanding of local and state laws as they pertain to towns. The ability to communicate clearly to individuals and groups.

Glover Selectboard Agenda October 10, 2019

Thursday, October 10, 2019
Glover Municipal Building

1) Call to Order

2) Introduction of those present by Chairman:

3) Review of Agenda and Calendar:

4) Reading and Approval of September 26, 2019 meeting:

5) Appearances by Local Citizens and Visitors:

6) Executive Session at 6:45pm (Personnel):

7) Announcements for Review:

a) Dam Safety Workshop
b) Efficiency Vermont Consultation

8) Reports:

9) Old and Unfinished Business:

10) New Business:
a) 2020 VLCT PACIF Renewal Application
b) Qtrly Report

11) Review of Bills and Signing of Orders:

12) Adjourn.

• Road Foreman report ( 2nd meeting each month)