GLOVER NEIGHBORS – phone tree project

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Glover Ambulance and a group of Glover residents have started organizing a phone tree that could be used to spread relevant information throughout the town or to gather information from town residents. This phone tree could be a useful tool as the present situation develops or in the event of an extended power outage or natural disaster.

Our plan is to divide the town into 4 quarters with a town wide coordinator (Bethany Dunbar 525-3545) and coordinators for each quarter (Northwest – Ann Creaven,  – 673-0515;  Northeast – Tabitha Armstrong – 323-6966 & Lila Winstead – 525-1017; Southwest – Barb Delzio – 236-2115; Southeast – Mariel Hess – 525-6638 & Sara Gluckman  525-3188). The divisions can be seen on the town 911 map. Click on the map link below.

The coordinators will work to find volunteers who know their neighborhoods or sections of their roads and are willing to help collect contact information and to make calls as the need arises. Ideally, no one person would have more than 10 calls to make, and one or more of those contacts would then call their list of 10 further contacts.

We know that Glover residents already look out for each other through many family, neighbor-to-neighbor, and church based connections. We are not trying to compete with these existing networks, but to connect with them and to work to find those residents who are not covered and would like to be.

If you would like to be part of this project, or to know more about it,  answer the questions in the survey or call one of the section coordinators. Coordinator’s contact info is listed above and on the map.

MAP LINK:   Phone Tree Map