Glover Selectboard Meeting Agenda July 22, 2021

Thursday, July 22, 2021
Glover Town Hall
6:30 pm

1) Call to Order

2) Introduction of those present by Chairman:

3) Review Agenda:

4) Reading and Approval of July 8, 2021 minutes:

5) Public Comment and Appearances by Local Citizens and Visitors:

6) Announcements for Review:

7) Reports:
a) Road Update:

8) Old and Unfinished Business:
a) Unresolved Issues:
b) Special ARPA Meeting Agenda:

9) New Business:
a) New Recycling Attendant:

10) Board Action:
a) Review of Bills and Signing of Orders:

11) Adjourn.

The public may attend in person but social distancing will be maintained. Please bring a mask.