Guidelines for Candidates & Campaign Workers

Town of Glover
Guidelines for Candidates and Campaign Workers
17 V.S.A. §2508

The Town Clerk’s Office is considered the official polling place.

No campaigning or discussion of the election may take place inside the Town Clerk’s Office.

No campaign materials, including hats, shirts, buttons, leaflets, and signs are permitted on or in the building.

Political signs are not allowed on town property on any day.

No one may impede the progress of a voter. Candidates and/or campaign workers may stand outside the polling place, but must stay on the upper side of the parking area, in front of the Glover Volunteer Fire Department. No candidate or campaign workers may stand on the curb leading to the polling place, or in the parking area. Candidates and/or campaign workers may be asked to remove their cars from the parking lot if the parking area becomes too congested.

Poll watchers are permitted inside the polling place and must remain in the designated observation area. They must not interrupt the election officials or the election process. Observers are also free to watch the counting process.

If you have any questions, please speak with the Town Clerk or presiding officer.