New Energy Plan!

Climate Change?  Who cares?  GLOVER CARES!  The Glover Energy Committee is committed to addressing energy issues and working to do our part as individuals and as a municipality – as insignificant as it might seem – to help save our planet. Our latest effort has been to draft an Enhanced Energy Plan that puts more “teeth” into our existing Energy Plan passed back in 2018. We are inviting Glover residents to review this Enhanced Plan and give us feedback on it. Insert link. The Enhanced Plan – if approved by the Public Utilities Commission – would give Glover more say in decisions – that otherwise could be imposed on us – about things like siting of wind or solar power projects.

While this may feel like a remote problem – it could impact you personally.  Your input could make a real difference in helping Glover achieve an empowered status in decision making that affects all of us. the plan is 18 pages and 4 maps of information on current energy use in Glover and ideas about what the town and town residents can do to get ready for a changing energy future.

The draft plan can be found here:

Send your comments and ideas to the Glover Energy Committee at