Glover Town Contact List

Town Clerk/Treasurer

Jessica Sweeney Email 802-525-6227 / 802-525-4115 Fax
Cindy Epinette – Assistant

Select Board

Brian F. Carroll Email 802-525-4577
David Simmons (CHAIR) Email 802-525-4234
Leanne Harple Email 802-525-802-525-1389


Town Garage 802-525-4025
Harvey Dunbar (Foreman)
Mike Pray


Town Hall Rental
          Jessica Sweeney 802-525-6227
Table & Chair Rental
          Jessica Sweeney 802-525-6227



Ned Andrews
Dennis Gibson
Robert Young


Job Breitmeyer, 1st Constable, 802-525-1305 / 802-323-6092
Patrick Collins, 2nd Constable,

Justice of the Peace

Elizabeth Nelson 802-525-3041
Carol Borland 802-525-6956
Joan Vincent 802-525-3957
Carmela Young 802-525-3141
Leanne Harple 802-525-1389

Cemetery Commissioners

Ricky Blanchard 802-525-4742
Joan Alexander 802-525-6212

Library Trustees/Librarian

Glover Public Library 802-525-4365
Toni Eubanks, Librarian

Barbara Delzio
Linda Elbow
Becky Galloway
Andrea Neil
Nancy Rodgers


Glover Community School 802-525-6958
Lake Region Union High School 802-754-6521 / 802-754-9387
Orleans Central Supervisory Union 802-525-6253 / 802-525-1276 Fax

School Board

Tabitha Armstrong
Dan Demaine

Delinquent Tax Collector

Donna Sweeney 802-525-4428

Glover Ambulance (Non-Emergency)

Glover Ambulance Bay 802-525-3560
Adam Heuslein, Chief 802-673-8592

Glover Fire Department (Non-Emergency)

Fire Department 802-525-3400
Allen Mathews, Chief 802-525-4735
Fire Warden
Bob Richards 802-525-4416 / 802-673-6616 Cell
Norman “Norm” Auger, Asst Warden 802-673-5300

Health Officer

Nicholas Ecker-Racz 802-497-4525

Town Service Officer

Donna Laurin 802-525-4303

Glover Recreation Committee