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Glover Selectboard Meeting Agenda April 8, 2021

Thursday, April 8, 2021
Glover Municipal Building and Via Zoom
6:30 pm

1) Call to Order

2) Introduction of those present by Chairman:

3) Review Agenda:

4) Reading and Approval of March 25, 2021 minutes:

5) Appearances by Local Citizens and Visitors:
a) Jen Andrews & Brenda Plastridge – Wake Boating on Shadow Lake:

6) Announcements for Review:

7) Reports:
a) Road Update

8) Old and Unfinished Business:
a) Unresolved Issues:
i) Vacation/Personal Leave for Road Crew:
b) Custodian of Records (Decision):

9) New Business:
a) Listers – Consulting Contract (Ted Young):
b) Personnel File Management:

10) Board Action:
a) Review of Bills and Signing of Orders:

11) Adjourn.

To join Zoom meeting use this link:
Meeting ID: 319 515 7183 Dial by your location
+1 646 558 8656 US

The public may attend in person but social distancing will be maintained. Please bring a mask.

• Road Foreman report (2nd meeting each month)

Town of Glover Notice of Public Hearing April 22, 2021

Town of Glover
Notice of Public Hearing

There will be a virtual public hearing of the Glover Select Board on Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 6:30 pm regarding adoption of the Glover Enhanced Energy Plan. The Enhanced Energy Plan is an amendment to the Glover Town Plan which was duly adopted in July 2019.

The hearing will be held via Zoom and can be accessed by internet using the link:

Or by telephone: dial 1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 319 515 7183

The Plan consists of the following elements:
Section I – Analysis of Energy – Use, Generation, and Distribution
Section II – Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures: Goals and Objectives
Section III – The Siting of Renewable Energy Generation
Section IV – Maps

If adopted and certified, Glover Town Plan would receive “substantial deference” in Public Utility Commission proceedings for reviewing proposed renewable energy projects. To achieve substantial deference, the proposed amendment supports policies to attain the goals of the State’s 2016 Comprehensive Energy Plan:
· Meet 90% of all energy needs from renewable resources by 2050;
· Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 50% below 1990 levels by 2028 and 75% by 2050;
· Improve the energy efficiency of 25% of homes by 2025; and
· Establish a distributed energy future in which a significant portion of Vermont’s energy is produced near where it is consumed.
The plan presents estimates of town-wide energy use in the thermal (space and water heating), transportation, and electric utility sectors. The plan also establishes targets for weatherization and fuel switching in support of the “90 by 2050 goals.”

The plan does not specifically affect any particular geographic area of the town.

The text of the Glover Enhanced Energy Plan can be found on the town website: . Look in the RECENT POSTS at the left side of the page.
Printed copies are available at the Town Clerks office, but please call ahead and make an appointment before coming to the office.

Town Clerks Closed Til Further Notice

Effective immediately the Glover Town Clerks office will closed, not allowing anyone in the office due the Governors Addendum Order. We will still be working, if you need something, you can call (802)525-6227 or shoot us an email, Everyone please stay safe & healthy.

Guidelines for Candidates & Campaign Workers

Town of Glover
Guidelines for Candidates and Campaign Workers
17 V.S.A. §2508

The Town Clerk’s Office is considered the official polling place.

No campaigning or discussion of the election may take place inside the Town Clerk’s Office.

No campaign materials, including hats, shirts, buttons, leaflets, and signs are permitted on or in the building.

Political signs are not allowed on town property on any day.

No one may impede the progress of a voter. Candidates and/or campaign workers may stand outside the polling place, but must stay on the upper side of the parking area, in front of the Glover Volunteer Fire Department. No candidate or campaign workers may stand on the curb leading to the polling place, or in the parking area. Candidates and/or campaign workers may be asked to remove their cars from the parking lot if the parking area becomes too congested.

Poll watchers are permitted inside the polling place and must remain in the designated observation area. They must not interrupt the election officials or the election process. Observers are also free to watch the counting process.

If you have any questions, please speak with the Town Clerk or presiding officer.

Effective June 1, 2020 Protocol for Opening to the Public


Protocol for Opening to Public BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Effective: June 1, 2020

* You MUST call ahead and make an appointment, to research land records, license your dog, make a payment, obtain marriage/birth/death certificates, request notary services, etc, prior to coming to the Town Clerk’s Office. You will be permitted to conduct research only in the amount of time you have reserved (maximum two (2) hours);
* You MUST NOT come to the Town Clerk’s Office if you have been exposed to or are showing symptoms of any form of illness; including but not limited to coughing or sneezing, or if you have recently traveled into the area from out of town and have not completed the required 14-day quarantine;
* You MUST wear a mask for the entire time of your visit. If you are not wearing a mask you WILL NOT be permitted to enter the building;
* You MUST sanitize your hands upon entering the building;
* You MUST bring the supplies you will need to conduct your business (ie: writing/marking utensils, paper, stapler, paper clips, tape, folders, envelopes);
* You will remain in the contained/designed area of the building;
* Genealogy research is suspended at this time;
* Please exercise patience and respect during your visit to the Town Clerk’s Office;
* If you don’t have an appointment you will not be allowed in!

PAYMENT DROP BOX: For those who would like to drop off a check for sewer payments, taxes payments, marriage/birth/death certificates or a dog license, the “Payment Drop Box” is still available. We will check the box periodically during the day and record payments in a timely manner.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this pandemic.

Jessica Sweeney
Town Clerk & Treasurer