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Creation of an Equity Committee

At its October 14th regular meeting, the Glover Select Board approved the creation of an Equity Committee charged with the task recommending a Declaration of Inclusion for the board to adopt and with making recommendations to the board for how it can promote and sustain equity, inclusion and diversity in the town of Glover. If you are a resident of Glover, committed to these values and want to serve on this committee, e-mail

Glover Cemetery Commissioners Meeting October 13, 2021

Glover Cemetery Commission meeting
Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 9:00 AM

1. Adoption of Rules and Regulations
2. Update on letter drive donations
3. Update on stones cleaned this summer
4. Update on mapping of Westlook I Terraces and Westlook II Natural Burial areas
5. Update on Heritage Memorial straightening work at Westlook (17 stones)
6. Update on wooden fence planned for natural burial corner boundary by Corrections work crew—spring 2022
7. Update on sign options—for West Glover, Andersonville, French
8. Planting flowers/shrubs for back border of Natural Burial area—fall 2021 or spring 2022?
9. French cemetery bridge
10. Westlook perimeter mowing this fall and 2 hidden stones
11. Memorial garden plans
12. Next year’s goals: post and wire perimeter fencing at all cemeteries
13. Other

Glover Selectboard Meeting Agenda October 14, 2021

Thursday, October 14, 2021
Glover Town Hall
6:30 pm

1) Call to Order

2) Introduction of those present by Chairman:

3) Review Agenda:

4) Reading and Approval of September 9, 2021 minutes:

5) Public Comment and Appearances by Local Citizens and Visitors:

6) Announcements for Review:

7) Reports:
a) Road Update:
b) Quarterly Financial Review
c) Brook Field Report:
d) 2022 Budget – Health Insurance Rates:

8) Old and Unfinished Business:
a) Shadow Lake Dam Breach Analysis update:
b) Estimate from SLA regarding analysis of Shadow Lake Spillway Estimate:

9) New Business:
a) Access Mobility Contract:
b) Summary of VLCT Town Fair Sessions:
i) ARPA:
ii) Deficit:
iii) Hybrid Meetings:
iv) Equity Work:

10) Board Action:
a) Review of Bills and Signing of Orders:

11) Adjourn.

The public may attend in person but social distancing will be maintained. Please bring a mask.